• It's All About Relationships

    "It's all about relationships. Over the years I've grown with dealers, miners, designers and retailers to learn what their journey has been like . . . so I can capture their story the way they wish it to be told"

  • Listen and Keep it Simple

    "Good stories happen when a writer listens first and asks what readers would like to know, and lays it out simply."

  • At Least One Good A-ha

    ""The A-ha moment? Yes, of course. There ought to be a least one enlightening moment in every good piece of writing. Otherwise you're wasting the reader's time."

  • The Story Unfolds

    "It's pretty simple actually. Once you know the questions you should ask the person you are interviewing, the treasure inside the story will begin to unfold.""

About Diana Jarrett GG RMV

Creative writer, author, Gemologist, ghost writer, and in-depth reporter, Diana Jarrett brings that extra somethiing to every project she undertakes. Her voice is so iconic that many readers claim to recognize her articles before seeing a by line. She is a graduate gemologist (GG GIA) and Registered Master Valuer; the jewelry industry's most prolific published journalist with such credentials.

Enjoy her popular blog color-n-ice.blogspot.com. Contact her at diana@dianajarrett.com


Diana engages her audience with relevant topics at trade shows and jewelry associations, in-store affairs and as key-note speaker for general public events.


An experienced editor delivering the right 'voice' for each project, Diana's gemological expertise creates clear, accurate and winning content for book editing or transforming laboratory reports into captivating prose.


Readers learn the untold story about the gems and jewelry when Diana creates vivid content. Award-winning editor Diana tailors both rich language and fresh content to perfectly fit each audience for whom she writes.


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